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Programs and scripts I've written for Linux and similar OSs.

Hosted elsewhere (mostly Sourceforge)
Vi for the 21st century (a flexible text editor)
A terminal application similar to gnome-terminal but more suited to running on non-Gnome desktops, especially ROX.
A puzzle/action game in the spirit of Sokoban.
My fledgling attempt at a HTPC/PVR application for PCs with DVB cards.
An advanced news fetcher.
Keep an eye on your CPU temperature in style.
Mail and news
For manipulating messages in your outgoing news queue.
All-in-one email fetching, filtering and IMAP delivery.
Archival and expiry of mail.
Obsolete mail tools
Scripts for managing mailbox files - obsoleted by mailmng.
Media related scripts
A script for copying files onto FAT partitions.
Generates menu MPEG files for use with dvdauthor.
Splits long DVDs into two parts, preserving chapter information.
A system resource usage monitor for GNOME (new) or ROX panels.
ROX bits
Minor enhancements I've made for the ROX desktop environment.
Some scripts to help make a Linux desktop respond to ACPI suspend and resume events.
My public key
The above link is for my PGP/GnuPG public key in ASCII format. The key should also be retrievable from with id 3D97CD09.
Downloads directory
The directory that contains all the downloads from this section.
I used to maintain a lot of software for RISC OS, but as I've switched to a more exciting platform Adam Richardson kindly offered to host it for me at his site.


Guides to getting some tricky pieces of hardware working in Linux. These articles are auto-generated from Docbook XML.

Connecting various graphics cards to a TV set. The Docbook XML source is also available here.
How to set up a DVB card. Most of the article is specific to a certain model of Hauppauge Nova-T PCI card. The Docbook XML source is also available here.

Personal trivia

Email me
A page aimed at revealing my email address to humans but not to spam harvesters.
Some photos
Boring. But there is a cute puppy featured.
About me and ME
Even more boring.
Magazine clippings
Some scans of disturbing things I've found in trashy magazines.


My holidays are so exciting I had to share my experiences with the world.

Malta 1999
Brean Sands 2000
The holiday of a lifetime.
Camber Sands 2003
How lucky to have more than one in a lifetime.
Majorca 2004
Or was it Iceland?
Devon Cliffs April 2008
Cheap Sun holiday comes up trumps again


Other sites I maintain, have a connection with, or am just interested in.

Hampshire Friends with ME
A friendly support group for people with CFS/ME in Hampshire.
Superior Interactive
New versions of some classic 8-bit BBC games and some original software.
Lion Electrics
Value repairs to washing machines etc in Southampton.